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Hi . Have had severe dry eye, mouth and skin since March this year. Developed dry pleurisy in May and still have a lot of pain in ribs and shoulder blades. Pain along neck and quite fatigued. This all happened as a result of a post op ecoli infection after hysterectomy 10 months ago and being treated with strong antibiotics which affected my liver function. Very depressed. Unable to work. Has affected my marriage. Now seeing holistic gp and having VitC infusions. Convinced this Sjogren's. Anyone in Melbourne Australia have a good doctor familiar with this?

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Hi valeried.

After trying a few rheumatologists in Melbourne I have settled on Dr Tim Godfrey. I would describe him as a no nonsense man, who seems pretty well informed and has been a big help to me navigating my way through my various problems.

Of course it is a challenging situation as these auto-immune disease present differently in every person. I have also found that most of the specialists are not strong believers in "alternative" medicines, though on reading for a couple of years now it seems that many people are helped by vitamins and other things. The auto immune diseases seem to take the body out of balance. I have regular blood test and need high doses of Vitamin D and iron to stay within recommended levels.

I am not an expert in anything medical though - so this is just my opinion/experience. I hope that things improve for you.


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