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I have Atrial Fibrallation on Warfarin and Beta Blockers

I am in the process of possible diagnosis of Sjogrens Syndrome going to hospital on the 26th August

for biopsy of the salava glands in my lip/mouth.....did anyone have this on Warfarin with INR around 2....did you have to stop Warfarin? and what was the bleeding like and healing process afterwardsI was hoping it was the drugs and not have been feeling that terrrible since A/F started last year on the various drugs I have taken over the last twelve months...but it would be something I suppose to know it is something that can be treated finally as I have truely felt really unwell...I am in the UK

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Hi Shirl,

Bev isn't well enough to answer right now but I know from producing the Sjogren's Solutions video series she clearly says that lip biopsies are pointless because they prove nothing. It's up to you of course. Check out module 2 about 25 seconds in




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