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Pressure socks for leg pain

Thought I would share my recent experience with you all. I had surgery three weeks ago and as part of the process had to wear pressure socks for a couple of weeks. I was amazed to find that they eased my sjogren's leg pain. Didn't get rid of it entirely, but made it very tolerable. I now don't wear the socks during the day, but wear them to bed each night and have been sleeping really well. Normally I toss and turn and find sleeping difficult because of leg pain, but the pressure socks seem to be helping. I am actually waking up feeling like I have had a good sleep for the first time in years. Has anyone else had this experience? If not, might be worth trying.

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Haven't tried that one. I'm on low dose amitriptyline which I find a great help but it can make dry mouth worse so isn't for everyone.


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