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Sinus Problems

I have had lots of problems with recurrent infections, mainly sinus , ear and chest... just had a CT scan and shown cysts and swellings in my sinuses and an infection that has been eased by numerous courses of antibiotics which never actually fixed it... so now on long term antibiotics and steriods, oh, and I have sicca syndrome so add that to the issues... anyone else have similar problems?

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i do have sinus problems aswell. it drives me insane. my migraines are pretty severe...


u should ask for a ct scan, it showed what was wrong for me so we can treat it, i also get migraines and think they will ease now..


I started at 48 years old with sinus infection - 4 of them back to back aggravated by allergies I never had before/ joint and muscle pains widespread wondering from one place to another. followed by dry eyes ( Sicca ) dry mouth and skin /lost all body hair but on my head. Followed with severe fatigue, foggy thinking, sensitivity to the sun and Florescent lights in store. Blood work they said I had SLE/ Raynauds / OA/ Family doc said fibromyalgia also. The Lupus was wrong DX - now it is Sjogrens primary. Fatique and pain levels better on study drug for Pfizer Labs. But yes I have experienced most all you are having. Have you seen a rheumatologist ? All the symptoms seem to overlap - come and go and then others come along. Sounds like you have some autoimmune problem possibly - get to a good doc and have some blood work done so you can start treating the symptoms before you get worse. The tricky part is keeping up with it all so the pain/discomfort does not become a run away train that is harder to stop. Inflammatory meds ( prednisone steroids / NSAIDs / Plaquenil Brqnd name / Restatis for the dry eyes - can keep you symptoms at bay and allow you some comfort and less pain. Best wishes - you are NOT alone - Take Care of you - stress adds to it all and stress is so hard to keep under control. listen to your body and rest when it says rest. Eat well and find a sense of humor somewhere through it all - it helps !!! Diane :-)


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