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Not got Sjogren's syndrome after all

After a visit to hospital today I have been told that the 1st blood results I had weren't right (cock up with the lab) and so the 2nd test was sent to London and have come back negative. Negative to Sjogren's syndrome and also to lupus which I didn't even know was a possibility. So apparently all the things I suffer from are due to CFS and/or Fibromyalgia, the 2 conditions I have already been diagnosed no answers really to why my cheeks have started to tingle along the cheekbone which is one of the things I asked on here and also told my Dr about who told me to tell consultant as it might be relevant. I have suffered a cold recently and my neck glands were very tender and have gone back to feeling absolutely shattered some days to the point I could cry so guess the cold has just worn me out.

Anyway many thanks to the people who have commented on my posts on here and wish you well in 2012 xx

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Hi, I am glad you have had Sjogrens ruled out.

Swollen glands are often just cold-related I think.

However, my daughter has tingling in her face and she has been found to have a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Sometimes labelled Pernicious Anaemia. So I wonder if you have had that ruled out?

Good luck!


CoQ10 is a very good thing to take to help you get over a bout of flu or a virus. Its something you already have in your body but can get depleted. Taking around 200mg a day for awhile to help get your energy back again should help. Good health food stores will have a good brand with that dose.


Thankyou, will keep a note of that x


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