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Help with diaper bag.

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I was just curious what kind of adult diaper bag do you guys carry? I’ve been looking around for something discrete that a man can carry that will hold all the supplies I need that is discreet. A backpack is not always ideal. I’ve been looking at messenger bags.

What kind of diaper bag works for you?

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My husband uses a black canvas bag with handle & shoulder strap. One main large compartment with zipper plus another compartment with zipper on the side. There's a divider in one or the other.

Most important, I would think, is that it holds the essentials you want to include and you are comfortable carrying it. A messenger bag sounds like a good idea. Best of luck.

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Equilibrated in reply to Lyubov

nice, thanks for the feedback.

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My late husband used something that looks like a messenger bag in a khaki color, so it looked like he was ready to go on a field trip/easy hike. It worked well because he could stuff a lot into it, including a plastic bag or two for tossing things in the rubbish after a change.

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thank you, it seems like the messenger bag might be the best way to go. Just trying to find the most discrete bag possible.

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I carry a military style small backpack. It has 2 large pockets and several smaller pockets that carry my nighttime diapers, catheters, small trash bags. Space for soiled diapers, and other stuff…like powder, creams and gloves. Plus I use it to carry my wallet, keys, phone, and other personal stuff. It works perfect and is very discrete. I hope this helps.

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Sounds good, thanks for the response.

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