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Nighttime diaper


What is better breifs with tabs or pull-ups for bedwetting? I tried depends but they always leak and I wake up soaked. Looking for brands and recommendations for an overnight diaper.

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The only diapers that are worthy of those with true incontinence must be ordered online. I call Depends"child's play'"

There are lots of products out there.

The tab style always will hold more urine BUT unless you have someone who can put them on you while you lie down so that the legs are tight & fit properly they WILL leak.

The high end brand pull ups are the Northshore brand, Go-Supreme and Abena. I find the Supreme superior as they don't rip. The website is:

They will also help you decide what is best for you and you can ask for samples.

They also have booster pads that fit either type of diaper to increase the amount of liquid they can hold.

Furthermore, there are 2 brands of waterproof pants you can buy to wear over your diapers, either type to keep any leakage contained, if there even is any.

Sani-Pant is one brand and DOES come up to 2X altho I do not think Northshore carries it that large but you can Google as to where to get that size if you happen to be large.

Gary Pant they carry. It is more expensive, has tighter legs and if you have to wear in daytime under clothing it is by far worth every penny more because they are a hundred degrees cooler.

Neither one rustle or make any noise. Both must be washed WITHOUT WATER SOFTENER. I don't know if they can go in dryer. I hang to dry, but if they can go in dryer you can't use any dryer sheets.

Anything water proof, underpads, mattress pads cannot tolerate water softeners or dryer sheets. It removes the waterproof ability.

And speaking of underpads they can be bought with different amount of absorbency in both the reusable and the throw away & both come in different sizes.

Northshore has a limited choice of underpad supply and is pricey but their products are good Just depends on your finances. You can Google for underpad, look at Walmart and also is a good site.

Hope this helps. Good luck and I am sure you will be able to wake up with the urine contained. THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR FOR SLEEPING AND KEEPING DRY IS THAT THE LEGS ARE A GOOD FIT AND ALSO THE WAIST.

I even have awakened to the Sani-Pant holding a puddle of urine in the crotch but the bed was dry. I know the Gary Pant would have done the same had I been using them at that time.

Hi for night time use you can't beat Washable types many in usa do them or big terry squares which you fold to fit so soaker part is in right place(plans on line for them)

There is an all in one by Bambinex can add boosters also works without pants but for night time i'd wear waterproof pants over it for peace of mind! or Driwear owned by same people fetware get more discount!

Gary pants are great i'd always go with the comfort elastics as internal other are stitched to edge so often fail soon!

They do pvc in various thickness and heights of pants plus polyurethane which last a long time if cared for theres nylon also which is a covering over material which think better for daytime wearing.

you can buy ready to go Wrap round washables fasten with velcro(i'd add a few safety pins once got snug enough so if move won't pull)

A lot depends upon being a man or a woman. A man can use a condom catheter and a night bag. I've tried pull ups at night but there is a leek problem with gravity pulling urine down soaking the bottom of the pad. I have also added an insert either a diaper or a regular men's moderate pad. A night of urine gets heavy and pulls down the pull up. Some pull ups are so bulky and hot I cannot wear them.

Hi there. I have really good luck with Abena level 4 plastic backed and a tranquility booster. I can put them on myself standing up and probably have a small leak once every couple of months. I have autonomic neuropathy and don’t regulate my body’s water balance well. If I don’t drink a fair bit of fluids right before bed then I wake up dehydrated (sometimes to the point of needing IV fluids at the ER :(. It’s a drag to have to drink water before bed knowing that I will just wet more overnight. As a result I think I qualify as a heavy wetter at night.

Part of the trick is to secure the bottom tapes first. Then pull the diaper up kind of tight and check the gathers between your legs to make sure they are snug. Then secure the top tabs pulling out any slack. They should be tight but not uncomfortable. When I travel and sleep in someone else’s bed I will wear plastic pants on top of my diaper just in case. This has worked great for me.

Cloth is great and feels environmentally responsible but is a pain to haul a bunch of wet diapers around when you aren’t at home. I have the best luck with quality disposables.

Hope this is helpful!


My husband (who has Multiple System Atrophy ... MSA-C) has had great luck at night with the NorthShore Go-supreme product. Rarely do we have a leak, and then we always have a pad underneath just in case. We are also experimenting with a condom catheter and night-time drainage bag, too. That may really do the trick once we get all the right equipment and get into the routine to do it. We are also hoping it will help cut down on UTIs, which are frequent with MSA and very dangerous.

cantorjohn in reply to incon1982

I recommend a condom catheter which Medicare will pay for. The problem is sizing. Trial and error is the only way to find the correct size. The best is a Conveen "Optima" but they come in 5 mm increments i.e 30mm, 35mm etc. They have a non-kink neck. I need a 32mm so I get Bard "Wideband". Some also come in long and short. I find the short ones come off. An other issue is the bag. The tubing is designed for a high Hospital bed. With a lower regular bed the tubing is much too long. The bag needs to be off the floor with a straight line to the cloths pen clip you hook on the mattress. Leave some slack for movement at the condom. I cut part of the tubing off and rejoin with a junction bought on line. Another problem I found was that some bags have a sampling port next to the condom plug-in device. I found that the "port" scratched my leg causing discomfort. I don't need a port so I use bags that come without them

incon1982Administrator in reply to cantorjohn

We didn't have luck with the Optima, and are going to try the Hollister Extended Wear. Yes, sizing is tricky! Trial and error is right :-)

You want to go to NorthShore Care for the better night time diapers. Depends are junk. I use the NorthShore Supreme diapers and very rarely do I have a leak.

Use rubber's over nappy to keep dry

I use cloth diapers and plastic pants bought from more costly up front, but much cheaper in the long run.

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