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Thanks for the connection

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First of all I thank everybody for connecting with me. I had to tell one of my friends about wearing diapers. To my surprise he was real supportive. You see im what my wife calls a mans, man. I am a cowboy. I own a horseback riding facility, I hunt, fish, camp you get the idea. Anyway for me to wear diapers is WOW. So I was really nervous but what my friend yold me I want you all to know. He said and I quote "Your underwear/ diapers does not make you a man. It is what inside that make you a man. So lift you G** Damn head up and face it like the man you are. He continued, who care what kind of underwear your wearing, I wear boxers and briefs so what difference does that make me anymore of a man than you. My friend really changed my attitude toward wearing and having people know I wear diapers. Now I am not going to make a big deal about wearing them but im not going to be afraid of anyone finding out. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

2 Replies
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You have a true friend! Rely on him for continued support! And repeat when you get up every morning: "I am the greatest!" Just like Mohammed Ali!!!

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You have truly got a great and TRUE friend. Hurray!!!

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