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Traveling and TSA

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This coming week, I need to travel for the first time since my surgery. The plane flight is 2 1/2 hours, followed by a three hour car trip. I was hoping to travel with a carry on, as I’m only gone three days. I was wondering how others have planned and managed security and how much product to bring and managing between being discrete versus being protected. Thanks

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I put my products in a bag within a bag. I also have some handy in my purse (again in a small pouch). Its not a true answer and its not perfect.

I take my incontinence backpack with me. I just make sure to remove rash cream and hand sanitizer. My backpack almost always gets opened. TSA staff have always been very professional and have discreetly gone through my bag once they realized it contained adult diapers. I initially worried they would pull out a stack of diapers for everyone and their uncle to see.

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There was some good ideas back a while ago here ... you might want to take a look at some of these suggestions, especially in the replies.

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I did find the conversations after I posted this, of course. Thank you!!

All went smoothly going through the airport. I checked a bag and carried on a bag with a change of pants and extra absorbent underwear. TSA pre-check made things work smoothly going through security, with no secondary screening. I probably didn’t pack enough to allow for travel anomalies, but luckily there were no hiccups. And should probably wear something notably more protective than usual.

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