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Dealing with accepting the fact of Incontinence

Since I am so new to this whole problem, does anyone have any advice on how and when they finally accepted the issue they face? I have become very socially isolated since I have become this way and just wanted to know how you dealt with it.

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My best advice is it does get better. I know it's not what you want to hear but that's the best any of us can say. Some bounce back pretty quick, others struggle for years. My experience is that those that bounce back quick don't fool with a forum like this. They just end up not needing it.

Locking yourself at home is normal and take comfort in knowing you will get to the point where you have to get back out there. Be it for work or family. I think for me, one of the things that sucks is you can't get out without knowing the details and how long you will be out. You always have to plan. You get use to it but it's a drag. When you are ready, you will get out and start doing things the way you used to do. Till then, get confidence in your protection and know it will protect you and about how long.

Good luck


I think each of experiences incontinence differently, because our symptoms are different, what we have to wear to manage our type of incontinence varies, etc. So the acceptance and how we feel is unique as well and so it is a personal journey.

I think being able to talk about it to someone close to us, and their acceptance helps. Over time, it becomes easier to talk about it, and when we see others accepting it and comfortable with it, we too can become more comfortable with our incontinence as well.

Being able to talk openly here about incontinence with others who are experiencing similar situations and feelings, can be a big first step.



I have recently realized that my father has IC. Truth be told, I just started to admire him even more than I did before because he never let anybody see his weakness, except for my mother nobody knew about this. He wasn't that much of a social guy, but he had friend, he had colleagues and he had a job that required him to stay at least partially active socially, but yet I found him to enjoy life like every other guy his age would. As I have learned about his problems I want to help him somehow and I found interesting products on the internet, which I heard that are very good price-wise and the quality is also top-class, but unfortunately apparently the brand is not very well known and couldn't find many opinions.

Have anybody here maybe used it before? I would like to help him in every way I can, so ordering products of high quality would be my priority, don't even care about price that much right now. I'm sorry for posting this direct link here: but didn't know how to show it in any different way.

I don't also know if it's appropriate to post it here, but definitely if I have bought him something like this it would help him in regaining some of his confidence, which even though he doesn't show it I know has lost.



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