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That Aging Pelvic Floor

Hi - I started experiencing stress urinary incontinence during my third pregnancy - despite doing Kegels for years. It has never been "bad" for me, but now that I am in my 60s, things are starting to change ... and not for the better. I don't have OAB, but a good sneeze with a full bladder, or perhaps jumping out of bed with a bit too much enthusiasm in the morning means a leak. And the leaks are more frequent now. So I am working on regaining strength in my pelvic muscles, taking more notice of signals that my bladder is full, and that I should get off any extra weight. I know I am lucky that this is the worst I am experiencing right now ... but it's still not fun. And I realize that the future may not be this easy if I don't get serious about taking care of my pelvic floor NOW.

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Hello and thank you so much for posting about your situation. There are probably thousands of people who share your situation and also need to find ways to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Do you have any suggestions (such as links, youtube videos, etc) for the best ways to do this when you are in your 60s? It would be really helpful to know what is working for you!


I first learned to do Kegels about 40 years ago, during my first pregnancy, with the help an OB nurse. I learned which muscles to contract, and to use "flicks" - quick contractions of the muscles - and I would do a set of about 15 several times a day. The hardest thing is learning which are the right muscles! A good description comes from Dr. Diane Newman, "when women contract their pelvic floor muscle when sitting, they will feel a slight pulling in the anus and vagina.... One way to correctly contract the muscle is to squeeze the back part of the pelvic floor muscle that surrounds your anus to prevent the passing of gas. If you feel a 'pulling' sensation at the anus, you are using the right muscle." Kegels are super important for men to do, as well as women, and I recommend this link for men: