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The Gift of Inspiration

The Gift of Inspiration

Sickle Cell Anaemia is one aspect of our lives that often shrouds the rest of who we are.

Identity is made up of several factors, of which sickle cell is only one. Developing the other aspects of our identity, taking the focus away from how we are crippled by the debilitating effects of Sickle Cell Anaemia, gives us a sense of control.

Once you develop a sense of control, feeling victimised by the apparent arbitrariness of sickle cell crises becomes less of an issue. You are more likely to take control of the management of your illness by doing everything n your power to avoid painful crises - this means keeping hospital appointments, looking after yourself, eating sensibly and so on.

Despite all this positive action, you may still have a crisis, it's in the nature of our blood, literally, railing against the unfairness of it all will not take away the pain. Focusing on how you can minimise the pain will.

We all want a life that is free from pain and usually, that pain depends on your point of view. There is so much we cannot do because of sickle cell anaemia but equally, there is so much we CAN do, because of sickle cell anaemia. Focusing on infirmity is unfortunate, focusing on potential is a life worth living.

This little booklet, Sickle Cell Anaemia: 101 Ways To Live Your Life Differently, is a collection of quotations by people living with Sickle Cell anaemia around the Globe. It makes for inspirational reading and is available on the website here at

Please pass on the link to anyone who may benefit from these inspirational words.

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