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Does anyone take antibiotics everyday for their sickle cell, what is the antibiotic & what dose is taken?

Hello all.

I have recently been to the hospital for a check on my sickle cell (SC) & was asked if I would consider taking antibiotics on a daily basis. I'm a little wary of taking these everyday if I don't have any infection.

Any info & comments very welcome to help me make a considered decision - Thanks

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I have a prescription for Amoxcillin, but it's mainly a cautionary measure, I'm to keep some in the home at all times and use when I get the beginnings of something. As a child/young adult I was on Penicillin tablets on a full time basis and as I got older the dosage was gradually reduced to my current cautionary prescription.


I would be very wary re taking any antibiotic.

Go to Health Unlocked and Floxie Hope for details on antibiotic toxicity and being 'floxed',


I take penicillin and folic acid every day since I can remember.

I recommend it. I go to the hospital less because I take the penicillin.


I would be very wary of taking any antibiotic.

Please go to Health Unlocked website on Floxie hope and antibiotic toxicity.


I also take Penicillin and folic acid daily. I don't like taking pennicillin at all and always have a long conversation with my consultant about it. I do have 'breaks' from it as I believe that long term use isn't necessarily a good thing...your body gets used to it and it isn't as effective.


I take 500mg of erythromicin a day (along with my other meds) because I've had pneumonia twice that almost killed me. Touch wood I've been out of hospital for over 2 years.


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