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Employment issue

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Is there any support to help a sickle cell patient to get a job because I'm always rejected by employers because of my jaundice eyes and I'm strong because i only have crisis once in 18months. I'm strong but they don't believe this

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Don't mention your health issues when you go for the interview

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Kolade in reply to nursing1234

What if they concluded you are one when looking at your jaundice eyes

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WoGr in reply to Kolade

Stay hydrated to reduce the intensity of the coloration and wear glasses, preferably tinted if need be. Do not forget to tell them of your educational/ professional achievements, despite the odds. I think it's wrong to deny people of job because of their sickle cell status except if the nature of the work requires physical exertion or intense mental exertion. In addition, it's important you seek for jobs that suit your status i.e jobs that will not overly stress you and increase the frequency of crisis

Depending on where you live there may be a Sickle Cell Disease Association near you in your state or country. Look them up. They offer support for scd patients and help with many things including job searching and connections for people with disabilities. Never let the job know until after you’re hired. If they are suspicious because of your yellow eyes you can start off by telling them you were just born that way. It’s not a lie, correct? Also it’s illegal to turn down a job offer to someone with a disability here in the USA.

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Kolade in reply to QueenZelda

I'm from Nigeria I love your advise, good one but I don't think we have any reasonable or that serious association here in Nigeria. Thanks queenzelda

Never mention health issues to your employer at the interview. When you have the job, you can discuss help issues if you wish to do so but you don't have to. Nobody should deny you a job offer based on your health status. You need to be weighed only on the grounds of your abilities but sometimes people do deny you opportunity due to your health status. Stay strong and do not give up on searching.

Discrimination is against the law, these ppl needto educate themselves on our disease. I used to be like that when I hit 38. They cannot deny you for that it is against the law. School them!

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