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Just Got Diagnosed

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I just got diagnosed monday afternoon with Vasculitis and Autoimmune Hepatitis caused by Sickle Cell. I am in shock and davastated, almost like im in a nightmare, lost in the sauce. lol i have to get my prognosis from my specialist next week.

I know nothing about this disease just that my immune system attacks my liver cells and the only treatment is prednisone. Anyone out there been diagnosed with these? How are you coping?

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Can you please share some symptoms of

Autoimmune Hepatitis?

Fatigue, nausea, vomitting, malaise, unexplained weight loss, confusion, abdominal pain muscle and joint pain.

It is very painful oh and my stomach looks like im 4 months pregnant

Hi, hope you are well. I’m 17 years old and I’ve also been recently diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. The treatment I take is prednisolone 5mg and azathioprine 125mg , which is also an immunosuppressant. I can assure you these medications are extremely good at helping your liver :).

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