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Stories From SickleCellNews Online


My life as a hooligan with sickle cell anaemia

I live with sickle cell anaemia – I have no wish to pass on this disease to the next generation (Lakeia Baily PHD, Director, Sickle Cell Consortium)

Red Alert: 60 million Nigerians have sickle cell trait

BMT testimonies from the NIH, USA

HYDROXYUREA is safe to use in malaria –endemic countries

news from the Sickle Cell Group of Ontario (SCAGO)

Duncan, 34, was being held at the jail in August 2015 when he died from a heart attack associated with symptoms of an enlarged heart and sickle cell anemia

Little Miss Awoko was raped … then it was discovered she had sickle cell anaemia

Pastor Waits Till Kingdom Come For Judgment In Fraud Suit

Sickle Cell Nearly Undermined My Faith in God!

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