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Vasovagal syncope


Last year I passed out after getting out of the shower. It wasn't immediate, just very scary. I have had moments like that again, especially in the shower. I will get close to passing out or if I am in a hot place or am exhausting myself. The cardiologist just diagnosed me with vasovagal syncope. Blood stays in your legs instead of coming up when it needs to so your heart pumps more to try to get that to happen and all the symptoms of passing out occur. I wanted to know if anyone else here was dealing with this? Because I now have to shower with a stool. I am 22 years old with sickle cell trait. This is supposedly normal for 1/3 of the population.

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I have a friend who has it. We found it when we were around 14 years old. She used to pass out in the classroom and have other reactions like being suddenly absent. After she was diagnosed I remember that when it happened we use to lie her down and put her legs up and after a short time, she recovered. Not sure about the association with sickle cell... As far as I know, she does not have it.

Hello Oree,

I have SCT and I’m 50 yrs young😊. I have had these fainting episodes since my 20’s. And even after standing up while taking a bath. I have not told my doctor about it but now that I know there’s a diagnosis for it, I’ll have to mention it. Thanks for your post.

Hello oree funny you mention this i am 24 i’ve fainted once at 22 and i prefer to sit in the shower as i like very hot showers. I sor when i shower and also i drink more fluids then i eat. We dehydrate very severly and more than the average also i drink nothing but water as to no other drinks will dehydrate me. Drink alot of water and try to stay cool. So far since ive been drinking alot of water its been 2 years since ive fainted. Also i did not sit in the shower until i got to my late teens and 20s. I believe it could be from the steam and temperature of the water causing the weakness preferrably slight or dizziness/dehydration spell.

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