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Hello my son is 8 and he has sickle cell and the last three years dealing with avn they drilled the holes but the surgery did not work does anyone else have this procedure and it didn't get the flow started up again in the hip??

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Hi, I too have had Avn in my hip it has helped, no pain , I had this when I 30 yrs old before I had my son , I also benefit from calcium tablets to strength my bone , as your doctor to do a bone density scan to see if his calcium has not depleted - let me know if need any info


Avn at 5 years of age is way too premature. Did you get try for second opinion?


I was not 5yrs , I was thirty when I had avascular necrosis ,before I had my son , in response to mix by rant, the child bones are still growing , for the surgery to take place the child must have had a lot of necrosis damage to the bone , so to save the bone from further necrosis you have to drill a hole into it for blood to circulate and this will heal the bone - which should not cause any further pain - calcium and a bone density scan should yield further result