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discovering your own sickle cell as it is not anyone else's

I have had sickle cell all my life 45 years but only did I discover it in the last few years mainly just an ache in the lower region and then later when I was doing boot camp exercises.

I had been seeing a physio for 2 years and always monthly I had my lower section re-adjusted but then it moved to upper region and this was where the pain got between the ribs but although my doctor said that it wasn't sickle cell as he didn't know any how anything about this problem and said it was a rib that had moved.

Of course he was wrong as My wife had first known about this and had read many write ups when we arrived in this country 10 years ago. until this time I had never had any pain and why I never knew about it.

My Turkish family never told me about this sickle cell although my mother had the sickle cell anemia so it was a surprise later after years of no pain to discover this.

If it is any help I went back to my physio who by this time began to look into this problem and one suggestion they made was that my tummy must always be flat not bulging and that diet was important. Six months have past and it has worked but the diet is very ridged especially the last meal will consist of raw veg every night.

Obviously there are many different types of this sickle cell not just one type as I have discovered and finding the best way is to make an effort to try the best way but think weight and sugar play a big part in this discovery.

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Interesting! You are just discovering you have SCD at age 45. Can you pls inform what your Hb is - SS, SC, CC, etc?


2007 After the medical I had for migration to NZ in the UK it was noted that I had SC. I had no idea what the term meant and then was 35 yrs of age. My then local doctor said that my blood was at a good level so I left it at that but it was only in the last few years that tell tale of the SC came to light. Through my wife's investigation and my asking question from my past home in Turkey 2013 did we discover more as up to then I only knew the word SC . My mother had SCD, also my sister

It was only recently that I had a full blood test via the doctor here who stated at the time the pain was a rib twist not SC, which it was from boot camp exercises and tests came back saying that my blood was low but no report since via doctor here.

My diet has helped enormously and I have little pain to date if any as little is known here I decided to look further into this SC and took my physio advice and lesson the waist line. I also take on board the points of view regarding keeping the SC as low as possible for pain and to date no more problems.


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