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Trying Something New

This is the third time I am trying to write this post. I keep clicking on the wrong thing and losing my post.

Here it son is 27 and he is hbSS. He is active and eats healthy (gets lots of greens and high nutrition juicing) and drinks lots of water. However, he suffers from the Sickle Cell pain often. . He has chosen to stop taking the Hydroxyurea because he receives no benefit from it. He does not want to become dependent/addicted to the pain meds because here (Southern US) some of the doctors treat Sickle Cell patients like their drug addicts and don't really take into account that they are truly in severe pain and need help. that is why I have been researching other ways to see if something natural can dislodge the blockages Sickle Cells cause in the smaller veins and capillaries.

We are trying the enzymes listed above. It may take a few weeks to see if there are any good results from using those enzymes. We are trying Serrapeptase and Lumbroikinase. I urge you all....PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. DO NOT GO BY MY WORD. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

My son's circumstances are different because he is choosing to use more natural methods to help in his treatment of this disorder. I am sharing this because there may be someone else out there that may be feeling the same. I do know, however, that the better food choices you make, the better this disorder will treat you. If you avoid added sugars and excess starches in your diet and eat more green leafy vegetables and stay as close to organic as you can, the better for you. Also, drink lots of water. that keeps your blood flowing better.

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I totally agree with you. We have to do our own research and compare it to what we are being offered by the doctors. How about the specific supplements developed to help sickle cell such as Even Flo, Xicle red blood cell supplements, dioscovite, Jobelyn etc of course you have to research on them as well before trying any. I am working through the list and l might be on something that maybe working.


Even Flo? Isn't that a Baby formula? that is what I remember it being. However, I will research the other things you listed above. thanks for your response. A lot can be accomplished by sharing our research and results.


Hello again...Even flo healing blends was created by a lady called Tamika Mosely and she works with a Dr called Charlie Ware please look them up l am in the UK but they are in America....


thanks! I will look them up.


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