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So I'm not crazy!!!!

My parents told me that I had the SCT when I was a teen and started fainting & waking up with the worst headache. At the start, I'd always feel like all my energy is draining out of my body, stomach kinda nauseous-like, no pain, and was extra tired and clammy afterwards. I hadn't had an episode (As i call it), until last night, after walking for ten miles straight, overexertion. it's actually refreshing to hear someone else go through the same thing and I'm not crazy!!!! I think the docs didn't know and my mom just said it was from the trait...

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If you have SCT it is important not to get dehydrated particularly when exercising. In other words you need to ensure you drink plenty of fluid e.g. water. You don't need to go mad you just need to ensure you have a water bottle with you and make sure you sip out of it regularly through out the day. If your urine isn't a light yellow colour then you are dehydrated.


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