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Hi my name is Glenn I am new here, I have the sickle cell trait and alpha thalassemia trait, I am a 67 year old female been in pain for over 47 years in my life journey some doctors say because I have both is the reason for this pain, some doctors say I should not be in pain because of the the traits. I wish they would do research for people with the trait, it is very discouraging when in pain and cause they have no medical answer for you they just say no you should not be in pain. I have good days and bad praying for the day when the doctors finally realize that the trait causes pain, sometimes very severe pain.

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  • HI Glenn,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. The honest answer is, medical science doesn't know.... just as you suspect, and further research is definitely needed.

    Out of curiosity, have blood tests shown you're definitely a carrier (genotype AS) rather than having full-blown sickle cell (genotype SS)? I ask this because what little research there is points toward alpha thalassaemia reducing a lot of the symptoms and effects of sickle cell.

    Either way, some people with sickle cell trait certainly do show symptoms, and thankfully researchers are finally starting to question why it is that only some people have symptoms. We've collated everything that is known so far:

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