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I found this site searching to see if there is any correlation between horrible menstrual cycles, fainting spells or migraines and sickle cell trait. I feel like I take my daughter to the Dr all the time with different problems and ask them if there is anything linking her medical issues to the trait and I am looked at like I have two heads. I asked for a referral at her last appointment to a hematologist and was met with even MORE resistance and of course, was not given a referral. All her doctors say trait carriers are at no risk for any other health complications so I find it funny that I find so many things online to the contrary. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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  • I have had the same trouble with my doctors and they also refused to refer me to a hematologist. they asked me to bring in the research I had found and bring it in for them to read I don't know if it would be worth you doing this with yours. iam still waiting on a phonecall from them with the outcome and what they are going to do.

  • Maybe allow her to for a blood test she may be anaemic. I wouldn't suggest anything like iron tablets as the do not have vitamin C. a daily dose of vitamin C with no preservative iron liquid floradix. I am taking from my own experience. I used to have periods lasting 2 months .I also cut out sugar.make the doctor read the level of your haemoglobin. normal one is between2 to 14.

    Mine would always be 10.7 or 11. the doctor told I will never get any higher because of my sicklecell trait. rubbish it's now 12.3 good luck

  • Hello, we've made a thread reviewing everything we know about the trait so far...

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