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Welcome to the SCS community

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The Sickle Cell Society is the only national UK charity for people living with sickle cell. One of our top priorities is to make sure people living with or affected by sickle cell can access the support and information they need. This community is here to help you connect with other people in the same boat, and empower you to support one another. We have two key rules here:

-Don't post spam.

-Be respectful to one another.

Apart from this, this is your space. Feel free to answer each other's questions and interact!

We're also having a recruitment drive at the moment: before March 5th, the lovely people at HealthUnlocked will make a donation to the Society for each new member. Please invite your friends using the link below:


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Hi Zoe, what's the best email/person to get in touch with regarding to support particularly as I am outside London.


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SCSZoePartner in reply to Stephsteph92

Hi Steph, if you drop me an email to zoe.williams@sicklecellsociety.org with a bit more info about where you are and what exactly you need, I'll see what I can can do for you!

I need to talk to you. Please let me know how we can and how

How can i make my yellow eyes white? please help

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