Sickle Cell Trait with symptoms?

I've been told that people with sickle cell trait can't experience symptoms but I often get painful cramping down the front of my shins, sometimes making it difficult to stand up. It's not a spasm type cramping and happens more often when I've been particularly active. I'm 22 and I've had this all my life and so has my dad who also has the trait. I also work in a very hot kitchen and I seem to feel the heat much more than my other co-workers and often get breathless and the painful legs when its particularly hot. I feel like these could be related to my sickle cell trait. Could these be sickling symptoms?

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  • I also have the trait & now more so than ever ,I have started getting pains in my knees ,ankles an shin. More so my knees & ankle . I don't work out at all && really sleep & am tired all the time ,I work an go home ? I try to get more active ,BT I feel drained && I wonder if it affects my breathing ! I think some ppl symptoms are diff. I heard some one say they get pain ! & have to pee a lot when they are kold.

    What do you do for pain. ?

  • I go thru the same thing but in my arms it is life stopping and I can't understand why doc just says I'm not supposed to be feeling any thing I'm in pain now...not to often. But it stops everything

  • I believe this can lack of oxygen in your blood causing pain .

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