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Searching for a surgeon advise

Here's a suggestion I learned while at a good hospital emergency room. The e.r. ...


For those having had debulking ... how hard is the surgery and the recovery?? Al...

New here

Hi ... I'm new here. Ovarian cancer, 1A. I have a question about the side effec...

Checking in

Hi all- Just wanted to check in and see how everyone has been doing lately. Any ...

OTC meds after chemo

What otc pain meds are safe after chemo? Finished First chemo today

Surgery on Thursday

Hey girls 👋 My hysterectomy is scheduled for this Thursday & I am TERRIFIED!!!...

Dealing with early menopause because of ovarian cancer

The results of hysterectomy and immediate menopause are pretty tough to deal wit...

Neuropathy - how did you deal with it?

Many of us experience neuropathy especially during our first line treatment of c...

At what point

Are you considered cancer free ?

Are there any topics that you are interested in learning or discussing?

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