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For those having had debulking ... how hard is the surgery and the recovery?? Also what about pain after months years forever ?? Been reading to much I think but wirried

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I’ve had two debunking surgeries. Your experience will depend on a lot of factors.

In my first one they had to remove a lot of things including parts of my small intestines. I did have pain for about a year and a half but it was very manageable without having to take pain meds. I just figured it was my new norm. But it gradually faded until I realized one day I was pretty much pain free. I had a second debunking surgery when I recurred and was really down because I didn’t really want to go through the pain again. But the second time round I healed very quickly and did not have the pain.

It is a big surgery but if they can “optionally debunk” you (get all the visible cancer out) that will enhance your chances for long term survival. One of the key things that helped me was to get up and walk walk walk as much as I could and as soon as I could.

Best wishes. Gwen


Thx for answering ... I will try to be positive


Sending you lots of hugs and wishes for a smooth surgery. One thing that helped me was to listen to visualization tapes. My mom sent them to me and they really helped.

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Thx for the idea


Hi,I had debulking back in 2013. I had part of my small intestine removed along with total hysterectomy. The nurses had me up walking next day,hurt like hell but kept it up all 9 days in hospital. Walking is key. I was in pain for a few weeks,meds help.

I have had no pain,issues with surgery. Been thru a lot of chemos. Getting ready to start Zejula.

Best of luck to you. Keep the faith



🙏🏻 thx


I had an optimal debulking 10 years ago; I was Stage 3-c. I am so glad I did. They removed "yards of tumor" (Dr.'s own words). Typical pain after surgery, but I was up walking in a couple of days. It sure beat the alternative!

Hang in there; everything will work for the best!💖Margaret




I can only agree with all the ladies who have already replied. It is not pleasant but the pain meds are really good. It is very doable and I kept picturing the cancer being evicted and turfed out of my body. That helped

I was only in hospital for 4 days after my surgery and was glad to be back home in my own bed. Take it easy and let people look after you while you catch up on all those films you've ever wanted to see and all of those books you'very been planning to read. Walking is good and you can build this up when you get stronger.

Forget Dr Google you won't be in pain for years. Wishing you all 5he very best with your op xxx


Thx appreciate response