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Uti symptoms

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Hi I’m looking for some advice please if some of you don’t mind? I have had lower belly pain, frequently going for a wee , frequently passing gas , feeling extremely tired , feeling lightheaded . I am 23 and was given antibiotics for a week which didn’t work, second week I was put on more an improved for a day or two then got worse again and now still feeling bad. My bloods came back normal and I’ve been booked in for a scan . I’m really concerned if this is the early / late stages of ovarian cancer

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Try not to worry. I personally did not experience what you are saying at any point pre diagnosis. You have done the right thing and are getting things investigated. My only advice would be don't let it be left with 'inconclusive ' results. If a blood test shows nothing tell them you want further investigation if the symptoms do not go away. There are lots of less serious things that your symptoms maybe indicating but be vigilant and follow through all investigations. Good luck.x

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Thanks so much ! Really appreciate your reply . Hope you are well :)

I'm sorry to hear that you're so worried and sometimes it's hard not to worry but on the positive side, your bloods are normal, you're very young, you've seen a doctor and presumably been examined so obviously didn't feel anything in your abdomen. That's all very good and to be sure there's a scan to be done so hopefully that'll all be normal too and they'll get to the root of what actually is causing your symptoms. Best of luck with everything

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Thanks so much ! Really appreciate your reply . Hope you are well :)

Waiting is always hard but try to remember you don't know anything yet...presume when they did bloods they screened CA125? Try to stay calm...distract yourself until you have some answers. Hugs from paris

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Thank you for your reply ! I had that done in December and all came back normal and then I was fine for months now it’s back but worse x

Hi, I was just wondering if you had surgery along with your treatments? Donna

Hi no I haven’t had surgery xx

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