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Finally back with an update.

16. I just switched to a new PCP, at my kids' Pediatrician Office.

Some, see adults, too! I developed a Professional relationship with them for the past year. My last one shared me with another, but I Never met her, could rarely reach the other one and my tests kept getting delays for the whole year and 2 months of being their patient.

17. I see my Specialist O. B., In June for an update.

I think that something for Anxiety would help, though. According to Dr's. And Symptoms, I have a mini-stroke, most days, that I don't take an extra Spironolactone. It's a water pill, to help with bladder pain in the Restroom. It has something for blood pressure, too.

18. Cutting Acidy fruit and replacing pickles with "Pickled Cucumber" for my headaches, reduced the inner stabbing pain.

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Perhaps I missed something. Were you diagnosed with ovarian cancer? And if so are you in treatment? Did you ever have a debulking surgery to remove the cancer?

Definitely ask your doctor about taking anxiety medicine. Many of us can vouch that anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds can be very helpful, though I don't know how they interact with the other meds you may be on.


I never thanked you, but I will ask.


I have been diagnosed by 2 Doctors, a year apart. I am on Herb treatment, and finally have a Doctor I can trust to do her job, so we can finally do the debulking surgery!...If it's not too widespread.

My previous Doctors were impossible to get in touch with for scheduling.

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