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Do any of you have chronic illnesses in addition to cancer? Have they caused problems with diagnosis, treatment, or recurrence?

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I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, as well as severe allergies. Now I have stage 3c Ovarian Cancer.

Questions :

*Have any of you found other illnesses to have masked symptoms or delayed cancer diagnosis?

*Have any of you found that other illnesses could increase the chance for recurrence?

*Could I possibly miss early symptoms of recurrence?

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ecap, your question is vast and hard to answer. I can only speak of my experience. Yes, I was misdiagnosed for over 2 years. Finally, after seeing 4-5 doctors over those two + years, unrelenting bloating (think 8 mos pregnant) sent me to ER. A CAT scan was immediately ordered revealing stage 3C OC.

"Symptoms of recurrence" could be subtle, but now we have become hyper-vigilant which is hazardous as our intuition may get dismissed by others. That said, my most obvious initial signs were bloating, excess urination and pooing, loud, frequent belching, being very hungry but only able to eat small amounts, very tired and balance problems. Hope that helps. Have not recurred, currently 17 months NED.

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Yes, that helps. I felt like I missed something initially, but if doctors don't recognize symptoms as possible Ovarian cancer, we ordinary patients can't be expected to have guessed it necessarily. All I knew at one point was with looking 7 months pregnant at age 65, it was not just allergies and getting air in my system from sucking on cough drops.

Glad to hear that you have not had any recurrence in 17 months. Very encouraging. And congratulations on that! Wishing you a clear 2018 and beyond!

I was diagnosed with polymyalgia 3 years before diagnosis and put on steroids. I am quite sure that this masked the symptoms of the cancer and believe that it was probably the cancer causing the symptoms of the polymyalgia.

There is that "research gene" of mine Googling away. Polymyalgia has some unfortunate pain issues similar to Fibromyalgia. I'm sorry to hear you have that. Steroids are strong meds and probably did mask some symptoms. Even when we present symptoms the experts don't always analyze them and catch what it is that's going on with us. I hope you made it thru your treatments without too many side effects. Praying that you are doing well and are living a good life!

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