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I'll be having my fourth treatment next week with two remaining for OC.

For a few nights, I've I've been a bit uneasy( not sure how to explain) about going to sleep, fear of returning to work in a few months. At one point I was nervous to leave the house.

Everything that was normal in my life has been disrupted and I'm not sure why I'm feeling this way? I'm not even sure this makes sense. Has anyone felt similar?

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Yes. Our lives have turned upside down for now. I know I had trouble with my life being disrupted. But it has been 9 months sine chemo and 7 months since surgery and slowly getting to my normal for now. Hang in there.


Thank you Charlieboy for sharing. You hang in there too!


Yes,i have and still experience these fears!!!

Life is short...

Ovarian cancer is treatable

But not curable,hard to adapt to such a thing :(

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Thank you Cynthia18. How long have you had your fears? Are you currently in treatment?

Wishing you a healthy new year ahead.


I had fear since I was diagnosed

The dr told me my cat scan was good I said why don't I feel happy

He said it's the fear of the unknown and almost every woman in my condition responds in my way...fear

Happy new year to you

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Now I understand... "the unknown" those are powerful words.


Friends are so important! They can really bouy you up when you are feeling down, which is so normal while going through this. I try to watch one comedy show a day, take walks when it's sunny, and enjoy good food and company! Also, I knit hats for others who have hair issues. I was bald, on and off, for 6 years.

One of these days I'm going to give my chemo department an ice cream social, just for fun!

Hang in there, we're all in this together! Don't forget to pray!


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