communicating with your doctor: free worksheet

communicating with your doctor: free worksheet

If you are interested, the link to the worksheet is here: It is the "Patient Discussion Guide"

Getting the right information from your doctor, and feeling truly heard at each visit, can be a challenge for all cancer patients, but maybe especially for women with a disease as complicated as ovarian cancer. NOCC and OCRFA, two ovarian cancer organizations that SHARE partners with, helped survey hundreds of ovarian cancer patients about their communication with their doctor. They then created a worksheet with questions for women who have been newly diagnosed, in treatment, or in remission to ask their doctors to help make sure they're getting the most relevant information at their appointments.

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    It may be that it is geographical only?

  • Ah-- HealthUnlocked included the period at the end of the link, which made it not work. I've corrected it. Thanks for letting me know!

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