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What questions do you have for Dr. Gershenson's "Ask Me Anything"?

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On Jan 31st at 8:00 pm ET, Dr. Gershenson will be answering your questions. He is a current professor and the past chair of the Department of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He is an expert in treating ovarian cancer and especially rare tumors. Ask your questions below and we will make sure they get answered. Be sure to also post your questions on the live thread on Jan 31st where Dr. Gershenson will answer them directly.

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When a person has a tumor against the colon or Maybe I should say in contact with the colon. How long does. it take to attach to the colon and put a hole in the colon on average. Diagnosed with stage 3c low grade serous cancer since 2015.


Hello-I am 15 months post chemo for stage 3B MMMT. So far I am NED. I did 6 cycles of carboplatin and taxol. Statistically what can I expect at this point?

What are the new treatments for this rare cancer that are showing promise?



What can I expect after six cycles of carboplatin/taxol for ovarian cancer stage 1A high grade serous carcinoma? When will I begin to feel normal? Will I ever?

What are the chances of recurrence?

Thank you.

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I’m interested in the results to date for Rubraca. I’m also wondering about side effects. My neuropathy has increased (was caused by Taxol) and my vision has blurred.


I am suppose to start on Rubraca for reoccurance of stage 4 ovarian cancer. After reading the side effects, I don't think it is for me. My alternative is Doxil & Avastin. Still has serious side effects. Just don't want to die from toxic medicine. Not sure what I will do. Northrop


I am stage 2b low grade serous, diagnosed September 2017. I have had optimal debulking and am now NED and on letrozole. Have opted not to have chemo but am now wondering whether the benefits of chemo outweigh the risks for what is usually considered a low response rate to chemo for low grade serous?


First Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us and for your commitment to Low Grade we need you. I have 2 questions 1) where are we headed? Any new options ? 2) We have developed facebook support groups for low grade with persons all over the world involved but, there a varied opinions on how to care for low grade . some Doctors state chemo is useless, some do not support Inhibitors, some never offer any further testing or any Cat or Pet scans as they believe "it is slow growing" . are we close to developing a standard of care? Thank you


There is currently no research in the U.S. on granulosa cell tumor and potential treatments. How do we interest a researcher in taking this on?



Diagnosed with stage 4 December 2016. Received both neoadjuvant (Carbo, Taxol and Avastin) and adjuvant (Cisplatin, Taxol and Avastin) chemotherapy. Currently in remission but receiving maintenance Avastin monthly. Would I be eligible for a Stage II clinical trial exploring benefits of Avastin plus PARP inhibitor to extend remission? If not, are there any other options/trials available?

Thank you for your time.


Anything new in the last year or so in research on ovarian transitional cell carcinomas? What’s current data specific to this type (and what is the time period of the data) on recurrence and survival rates for the various stages? Any differences in treatment and Followup for this type of carcinoma?

Any evidence of link to BRCA1 mutations? Any one looking at this? I have a BRCA1 VUS and also had a GIST found at time of ovarian cancer surgery and within 6 weeks also diagnosed with ILC breast cancer.


Hi I was diagnosed stage 2A grade 2 endometriod adenocarinoma in 2016. Dense dose Chemo completed . Currently NED . Will antiestrogen pills such as femara help with preventing occurrence? Also stage 2 curable with endometriod adenocarcinoma?


Thanks for taking our questions.

My mother has stage 3B high grade serious ovarian cancer, with BRIP1 mutation. After 1st line treatment, do any PARP inhibitors help treat BRIP1 mutation, or what kinds of drugs are most commonly used? Are there any trials and research going into this mutation?


I also have an add on question. I have heard terms such as PARP inhibitors, maintenance drugs, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, combinations, and so on. Does every woman have access to all these options in her treatment? And is there anything that one can do to support the liver or kidneys due to receiving chemo and any other medication? Thank you again.


Stage Ii dx. 2011 of endometrioid ovca. I’ve had 3 surgeries, total of 9 infusions of carbo/taxol and 6 of Doxil, then 10 radiations. Is endometrioid ovca getting any research attention? I’m grateful for your response.

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