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I have been having stomach pain and pelvic pain I don't know whether it is gas or not. Have peritoneal ovarian cancer. Presently not on any chemo going tomorrow to see if I can get on a trial. Anybody out there know the difference between gas pain and cancer pain? Never had pain much before diagnosed. That's why I was 3 C when diagnosed. Please share information if you can. Thanks have a great Monday


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It's really hard sometimes to distinguish between pain caused by cancer and other causes. For me, a lot of my pain post diagnosis was actually caused by adhesions that formed post surgery. Sometimes the cancer can cause you to have gas. Before I was diagnosed, that was one of the symptoms I had - lots of digestive upsets and gas out the wazoo. I know this isn't the clear cut answer that you were hoping for, but I hope you find answers when you go see your doctor about getting into a trial.


Belsie, first I was wanting to know more about some things. 1. Did you have surgery, radical hysterectomy and removal of lymph nodes in pelvic region? Was surgery first , no chemo to shrink first, and that's when they staged your cancer? 2. How long ago? 3. Did you have chemo of any type after surgery? I had no symptoms but I was being treated for herniated disks in my lower back which was progressively getting worse. So they did an MRI , finally and found a "suspicious looking cyst on my left ovary. My general practitioner was immediately alarmed. Two ultrasounds of my pelvis outside abdomen and one vaginally. They did blood work CA 125 marker. She sent me to a surgical gynecologist who is also an Oncologist at the woman's cancer center here in Las Vegas, Nevada USA the next day! The medical care here in this city is quite awful actually, but the Womens Center is one of the best in the country. I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, scheduled for surgery the next week, during surgery they staged my cancer, and found more masses on the right. She took everything and I think she was surprised because my CA 125 was just slightly elevated and physical exam didn't find the masses "hiding". Anyway, I went on trial , standard taxol and carboplatin plus trial pills, which may be s placebo or Verbiparp which is an inhibitor that is supposed to destroy Cancer at DNA level. Only had one treatment so far and they delayed my next one because My neuropathy in feet and ankles was way worse and my fingers started neuropathy symptoms. Up shot was to reduce the amount of chemo and let me rest . So I have chemo this Thursday if my blood work is good tomorrow. We will see how that goes. I was also extremely ill longer than need be after only one chemo. My hair all fell out all at once too. I knew something else in my body besides back pain and the neuropathy which was getting better except I started having pelvic and abdominal pain. Sharp but only every once in awhile with gas , etc so in this very long and somewhat rambling way I hope you trust your doc and can send me more info as I mentioned in the beginning of my reply....wake up of you have fallen asleep during this long reply. Let me know how it goes. Listen to your body and instincts. You know it best. And pester your doctor for answers and options AND if you're not feeling right get a second opinion. WHEW boy I didn't realize how I go on and on sorry keep in touch. The angels are with you along with lots of prayers. 😉 🙏😇😇


I agree with most of what Honrath said. I had indigestion with gas and pain for 2 years before diagnosis. After surgery , extreme constipation and couldn't eat for 50 days. At 4 months post op I still don't eat like I used to. No problem, I still have 35 lbs to lose. I use colace every other day. I feel stronger, have decided to get a wig, I'm sick of hats that make my ears look huge. See how my priorities have changed. The sun will come out tomorrow.............

Blessings to you Eileen


After my 3c clear cell ovarian cancer diagnosis I had pain, went through 2 major surgeries. I ended up having 5 hernias, I had surgery for the repairs 12/2015. Since I get extremely constipated. I have pain from that. I don't know if this helps you. Best wishes

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