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Lump found

I found a lump just below bra line slightly off centre in stomach area.I saw my gp he wasn't sure whether a hernia, but he said he had to rule out any thing sinister.i saw a specialist very quickly he said he thinks it's a hernia again but a ct scan was needed then a endoscopy ,I also have annemia .i went for ct last night ,hoping to find out results quickly this week. I have a hard physical job and just keeping fingers crossed it s just a hernia .Ive been exhausted for quite Some time, lots of stress with life and work, any advice or experience similar would help.

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Pray all is well



I haven't had a similar experience and whilst it's worrying it is good that this is being taken seriously. Unfortunately that in itself brings additional stress which can be hard to get through the however these tests are essential for our well being.

Thinking of you and hoping that the results are quickly through and are all positive.

Clare xx


I've had a lot of experiences with hernia as a result of all the abdominal surgeries I've had. Let us know what you find out. It sounds like you are getting the appropriate medical attention to identify what is causing the lump. If it is a hernia, be assured that that is a common issue many of us with ovarian cancer have had to deal with and it is typically very manageable. In the meantime you might want to consider being careful with lifting things especially anything over about 5 lbs. Best wishes - Gwen


Another connection , hernias and ovarian ca. That's how they found my ca. I complained about the expanding hernia and said I was done with it. CT with contrast showed ov ca. Been complaining about it for years. Had ct without contrast 1 1/2 yrs ago. They couldn't find anything. {really?} Moral of story: complain bitterly until someone hears you and takes action. It's not your nerves, honey. Eileen

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I had 5 hernias, as far out as my rib cage two center and left below rib cage both sides. During surgery they move stuff and debulking and stomach lining thins. Dr thought only 2 maybe 3 and after 5. Very common. They repaired with pig mesh. So for future. Surgery would be easier. Best wishes


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