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5yr + survivors? Do you have any advice?


I’m very low today. I was just thinking it might be encouraging to many of us to hear what longer term survivors have done in terms of diet or exercise or anything to help them through the emotional side of things. Please post if you have a moment.

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Hope you are feeling a bit better today?

Have you heard of breastcancer.org?

You go onto community at the top and go to the stage 4 topics.

Many women put down when they were diagnosed stage 4 in their profile.

You will find many past 5 years.

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I think that would be helpful for most of us to hear. Thank you for your post!

Coming up on 3 years in June...and by the looks of my last scan the next 2 years should be pretty easily attainable! 😀

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Excellent news! Keep up the great work.


Where are your mets? I know you do running, do you follow a diet? X

My mets are in the bones...I try to eat organic and healthy...but I do cheat a little...I take a lot of supplements: vitamin C and D, AlgaeCal, B12, Black seed oil, Frankincense, Tumeric, Essaic Tea, apple cider vinegar, magnesium spray, Iodine...😀 Exercise makes me feel better...

I’m bones, lungs and liver. I think most of you here are just bones. I’m scared how quickly mine spread X

The soft tissue ones are highly responsive to treatment...the bone ones kinda hang out a while...but as long as they are lesions and not to deep into the bone...u typically forget they are there...😀 so prayers for much improvement soon...😀

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Nice! 5 months, one change of meds and radiation treatment! Thanks so much for the much needed boost! Some days....

Where are your mets? I know you do running, do you follow a diet? X

Eat sensibly, exercise as you can and do whatever it is that keeps you going. Celebrate your victories and be grateful for what you have; don't worry about that which you don't.

Seven years here. First diagnoses was Stage IV to bones, breast and lymph nodes. I take the medicines, had a recurrence, now to bones (slight), liver (last scan showed reduction) and lymph node. I am on chemotherapy and immunotherapy. I take each day as it comes. I accept where I am and deal with it. I exercise everyday, but have cut back. Used to be a triathlete and marathoner. I aim to be in the present moment as I'm able and not dwell in the future or past. I read and listen to uplifting podcasts, I have a great therapist, I take supplements. I've always had a pretty good diet, but still eat as cleanly as I can, mostly vegetarian. I am Reiki certified and do that regularly, get massages, acupuncture. And, try not to let cancer rule my life or define who I am. Whew! There may be more, but that's what I've got for you right now. :-)

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