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Has anyone had dry facial peeling skin from Ibrance and Letrozole?


Has anyone had dry peeling facial skin from Ibrance & Letrozle? If you have how did you treat it? I noticed my face is peeling the last several days for no reason.

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No the only side effect I had was fatigue and hair thinning. Get a good moisturizer.

I've had all sorts of problems with my skin on this mix. My dermatologist diagnosed me with psoriasis after he biopsied a couple of spots that went from dry skin to acne appearing spots to sores that wouldn't heal. I can't put anything on my face now, even moisturizer, without getting sores. I wash my face with an OTC wound wash that has an antiseptic in it. Otherwise, I just live with it. Oh, my head flakes too, like dandruff, but with prescription shampoo, that has cleared up and I do wash my face with it when I wash my hair.

I get little red dry spots, I try not to itch them and if I leave alone they go away. I currently have 3 on my chest, not sup noticeable bu they bother me. I’m in I dance and falsadex.

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MIL told me to use Vaseline & it worked for acne-like spots on face & chest. Haven’t had but 1 pimple a year for about 30+ years; slightly painful and they don’t actually seem like acne as not filled or come to a head. I dunno?? But scary & a nuisance. I also noticed couple cuts/bruises don’t seem to heal as fast. I’m taking Biotin and Caltrain; but seem to have really splintery nails—they kinda shred. So far hair is thinning; but seems healthy—I only wash it 2-3 calories/week now down from every day x 52+ years. Those are my woes. Gonna check out my bloodwork & get back to you all! Nite! Bless everyone! Fondly, Bailey5

No, I just started and noticed acne on shoulders and back.

Hi-I am on Ibrance and Faslodex and have experienced extreme facial dryness. I have been using a hand cream on my face that is lemon based. Tried using fresh lemons at first and it worked but too 'sticky'. Found this at World Market and have been using it for the last year. I apologize, I don't remember the name, but it is lemon. Hope it helps.

I’ve been using Gold Bond healing formula since I had chemotherapy in 1994. It’s a heavy cream—feels like a fresh shower!

I will check it out thank you. My face just keeps lightly peeling and won't stop,

Hi Mimi Graham I am just finishing my first cycle of ibrance. A couple of days ago I woke up and my face was very red with bumps on it, just on the face and it was also slightly swollen. After two more nights of the pill, I woke up again this morning and my face is more swollen. The bumps are peeling very slightly or maybe just flaking off. I think they will peel more now that I am going on my 7 Day off-cycle. I am waiting to see what will happen when I start the ibrance up again for the second cycle.

My peeling eventually stopped. At first it made me nervous but it did clear up. Let your Dr know. Good luck!

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