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Diagnosed in Jan 18 - due to start treatment soon. Oncologist says most likely Ibrance letrozol and one other as well. Any suggestions for diet that reduces the progesterone in body? I have eleminated sugar, caffeine, and eat more green leafy veggies, chicken, eggs, legumes, fish and drink mostly water mixed with pomegranate juice and decaf. This has been a roller coaster ride...

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Diet sounds good except I read something about pomegranate and Ibrance interaction. Check with your doctor. How about a probiotic? I find my energy comes and goes on Ibrance and try to pace myself. For instance last month no major exhaustion but this month I’m dragging. Lots of good info and support on this board.

Selmac in reply to nstonerocks

When I was on Ibrance I was not allowed pomegranate or grapefruit.

nstonerocks in reply to Selmac

Forgot about that one. Yes no grapefruit either

My energy was down the past 2 months. I only started Ibrance and letrozole this week though. My iron was low in February which I assumed was a one day thing. However follow up labs showed it was still low. Dr told me to supplement w iron. Overnight, I got my energy back. Don’t know if that’s a possibility but thought it might be worth checking.

You know I’ve been craving hamburgers. Will definitely ask about it! Thanks.

Def no grapefruit. I asked about OJ and the pharmacist said that was fine. Ask about pomegranate if that's something you usually have.

Tam. when you start on ibrance you have to give up pomegranate juice and seville (bitter) oranges that they make marmalade from. These interfere with the ibrance. Ask to talk to the pharmacist ehen you are ready to. Your team will give you so much information at one visit it can be hard to take it all in.

I follow a whole foods plant based vegan diet I believe it has helped my immune system an decreased side effects. Check out Dr Greger's web site: so far I haven't found convincing evidence to eliminate fruits or vegetables because of hormones (though dairy should definitely be eliminated by everyone and if you are going to eat meat - eat hormone free, if you are going to eat fish - eat wild not farm raised).

Take care, Mary.

Eliminate chicken as much as you can. Do some research on chicken in other sites. Thanks for reminder of skipping pomegranate, I forgot about that!!

I too was diagnosed w stage 4 in January. Confirmed w scans in February. I’ve also been juicing. I’m planning an oophorectomy in August. Right now I’m on 4 meds: Ibrance, letrozole, xgeva and faslodex.

Juicing greens has made a big difference for me. Often get lazy though. Wish there was a juice bar near me.

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