DX in 2004 with stage 3. STAGE 4 IN 2014. STILL HERE!

DX in 2004 with stage 3. STAGE 4 IN 2014. STILL HERE!

Good morning. My breast cancer was diagnosed in 2004, it went stage IV in 2014. I have done a combination of allopathic medicine and homeopathic treatments to stay alive as long as I have. I think the most important thing I've learnt in these 14 years of having cancer is simply to do with the mind. Allowing the mind to rule the body is imperative when it comes to surviving cancer. One's emotional state, how you feel about your illness, is as important as what is going on physically. I want the doctors opinion but I know it is only an opinion. There is no one here on this planet with the "one single silver bullet" answer. Cancer is a process of questions and more questions. There are very few definitive answers. The one thing I would say that is definitive is attitude. Trying to stay positive and upbeat even when you are down for the count is hard and demanding. It is however the only path way through that I have found that is consistently productive and helpful. Staying in the present moment and not worrying too much about the future seems to be the answer for me. I think worry, anxiety and stress of such bad friends to cancer patients. These things make our physical condition worse and our emotional state much worse. Taking every day as it comes and enjoying the things in life that are still available to us our the cornerstones of survival. Living is the cure.

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  • A truly wonderful philosophy on living A good outlook can make all the difference Thanks so much for sharing

  • Thanks for the positive words/reminder vanessagreene! Welcome to the group! :)

  • You got it- I've got 1 year in at stage 4 and just turned 54 last week. Told myself that I'm having a party every year- I celebrate each day and feel sorry for the people in this world that will never get it- life is short- live!!!!

  • Thanks for the reminder! I think I had to wait for the shock to be over. We sought help immediately. We go to counseling, and we love her! We also took a mindefullness class at the hospital. Very helpful to our emotional state. I was blessed to have my husband attend these sessions with me, so he was able to understand my thoughts and fears. I was so humbled by the outpouring of love and support from family and friends!

  • I would agree that a positive attitude has helped me cope with having stage IV breast cancer, and studies have shown that emotional trauma and stress may be related to the development of advanced breast cancer. But I stop there because I'm concerned about making patients responsible for causing their cancer or controlling it because they have a bad attitude. I don't want to blame the patient.

    I've had advanced breast cancer for just over 10 years and have seen those with both a good and bad attitude succumb to this disease.

    My maternal grandmother was a totally negative person and lived to be 96. Perhaps if she had been positive she'd have lived to be 106. Who knows?

    And then there was Linda McCartney. Paul McCartney's first wife who died young of breast cancer. Ms. organic-only food. And no disrespect to her. May she rest in peace.

    Unfortunately, cancer is very complex. It's sort of like evolution. Look at the tremendous diversity of life on earth, and it got that way because of mutations and natural selection. Survival of the fittest. That's what we're up against: cells that survive treatment, which our bodies can't get under control. Scientist are working everyday to help us by figuring that out.

    But I don't deny what you're saying about your treatments, because you never know. The only drug I've ever taken for advanced cancer is a drug I took when I had stage II cancer in 2003. And I've been NED since 2008. So, go figure. But I'll let the scientists figure it out. Each of us is different. Some of us respond well to some treatments while others of us don't.

    That said, I'm interested in everything cancer-related. What are (were) your treatments.

    When I first saw your photo I thought you'd been on chemo because of your very short haircut!

  • "Living is the Cure". I love that, that's brilliant!

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