KISQALI Is Now FDA Approved

Approved Use:

KISQALI® (ribociclib) is a prescription medicine used in combination with a certain type of medicine as the first hormonal-based therapy to treat women who have gone through menopause with hormone receptor (HR)-positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-negati... See More

7 Replies

  • I start this in a couple of weeks.

  • The drug has proved to be very successful in treatment of stage IV breast cancer Hoping that it proves to be a total success

  • Thank you. After being stage 4 and taking arimidex i was stable for 3 years, now I have a walnut size active cancer in my upper right lung again. I dont do well when meds lower my counts. Ibrance sent me into neutropenia, extreme fatigue, stomatitis and pneumonitis to name a few SE's. I hope Kisqale is easier on my body.

  • Missy , keep us informed. Can't wait to hear this new story. Happy for you

  • Thank you, i will!

  • I heard about this thru the San Antonio conference. This is very exciting. Another Ibrance like drug. Similar in the new way that it works and in the results

  • I believe that they are claiming that Kisqale doesn't effect your white blood count so much

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