Hello, is this common: I'm on Abraxane, Herceptin and Perjetta. Whenever I eat, and it's usually a small portion that fills me, but I immediately feel fatigue. It's as if eatting takes a lot of energy and I have to literally rest my body afterwards. Needless to say it's not helping me gain any weight back.

Am I alone with the this strange reaction to eatting?

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  • Hi Nancy!

    I started Perjetta July'16. It really did suppress my appetite. I've lost 35 pounds. (Needed to go anyways) But now I am concerned to lose to much more. And like u said I never feel hungry. And so sometimes I like at the clock at 7 and it's like oh I guess I should eat dinner.

    I also should mention I finished Perjetta in November. 5 months later and still don't get hungry...

    Good luck finding your new normal in balancing your weight.


  • Hi Heather, it's good to know that Perjetta comes to an end. I thought it was going to be an ongoing thing.

    Good luck to you with your treatment. May you continue the good fight. God bless.

  • I had prejetta and herceptin also it kicked my butt and caused a lot of diarrhea but I didn't have a problem with my appetite I would drink the carnation instant breakfast to try to give me energy. It would hit me two days after treatment you can't fight it just rest and sleep if that what your body wants it will help with the healing process

  • Thank you Annespo. I will give the Carnation Instant Breakfast a try

  • Hi Nancyjw + Anneespo,

    I too was depleted of energy while on different medicines and pain killers. I went the Carnation Instant Breakfast Route until I looked at the ingredients in it: lots of sugar, ( at least 19 grams). sulfates, artificial colors and flavors, etc. Not good!

    My suggestion is to visit a Vitamin Store or Health Food Store where they sell organic whey protein powder that you can put with Almond milk or other liquids and mix it up in a blender with perhaps some frozen blueberries, or strawberries, or banana, whatever you like, or just have it plain. This is a far more nutritious drink with lots of vitamins then the packaged instant stuff that's loaded with unhealthy ingredients.

    I was surprised to find out that my 90-yr old aunt drinks these smoothies. When her children come to visit, they'll whip up a quick drink for her with Almond milk. They buy a big canister of the powder so that she has it on hand. I think they even sell this protein powder at pharmacies. Just look carefully at the ingredients.

    I take a whole-food multivitamin along with B-Complex every day. My energy level has definitely improved with this regimine. And I know that what I'm putting into my body is good for me. This artificial stuff is not good for anyone, especially someone fighting cancer.

    I also eat Cream of Wheat without all the additives when my appetite is poor. That goes down very easily and is good for you.

    Good luck with everything! Kats3

  • Thank you Kats3, I will follow up on the whey protein and fresh fruit. Cream of wheat is on hand so I do have it for breakfast

    My dr took me off a multivitamin for the time being and also CoQ 10.

    Thanks for sharing what "works" for you. I will keep trying to find those things that make life a little bit easier, a little bit happier

    You're a blessing.

  • Hi Nancy, I am sorry that you having fatigue and lack of appetite with your chemo. This is the exact combination of chemo that I was on too. I did have occasional diarrhea but would keep the Immodium around for that. I did not have a loss of appetite but food did not taste too good...had a metal taste to it. I also had dry mouth so used Biotene regularly. I am fortunate that I felt good most of the time. I would always drink lots of water throughout the chemo session and afterwards too. I also made myself walk daily...sometimes father than other times. Hang in there...it will get better:)

  • Thank you so much for your encouragement. It does help to know others go through it and come out the other side. I also use the Biotene but drinking water and walking more are reminders that I never can get enough of.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless you in "your walk through"

  • Just wanted to add be very careful what you eat. I have a festive weekend of pizza, pasta and cake. Celebration of a birthday. By Sunday night, I could not move from my couch. Never again. I love all that stuff. Not worth it. Protien powder and milk and fruit. Totally works, got engery and less fog. Protien is easy to get from Amazon...who has strength to wander around a store.

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