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Just finished 4 bi-weekly rounds or A&C and start weekly Taxol next week. I bought freezer booties for feet and freezer hand wraps for hands to hopefully help with any neuropathy. Any advice on how to deal with Taxol? I did relatively well on the AC. Usual symptoms none that could not be controlled days 2-4 after were the worse. The worse symptom was an itchy rash that started after round 3 seems to be under control now after some steroids and I have a new dermatologist to help me through chemo now.

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Hi, I had only Cyclophosphamide with Docetaxol, finished around late November 2019.

I also used the freezer wraps for my feet and hands-4 treatments 3 weeks apart. I think the freezer things helped, I used regular freezer bags on feet and freezer sheets for hands, inside terrycloth bags. The freezer booties were out of stock on Amazon at the time. I did lose my hair around the time of the second treatment. Kept my eyebrows, but my lashes fell out too. Cut your hair short, it's a mess when it starts to fall out in clumps. Then have someone give you a buzz cut. It took about 2-3 months for my hair to start growing back. I bought a wig that I took to the stylist to fix up. It looked pretty nice, only $40. But only wore it a few times. Preferred cloth head coverings. I found a set of 6 or 8 "neck gaiters" online for a few dollars, the ones you can wear in multiple ways ... those were fine. Soft and comfy with nice patterns. I also had a few cloth "surgical" caps which were ok and a couple of crocheted caps. Be sure to keep your toe and fingernails short, they can turn dark and feel weak. A friend suggested rolling a tennis ball with your feet and hands to stimulate the nerves. Before treatment I had stubbed my toe and formed a blood blister under the toenail and I think the chemo somehow aggravated it because it hasn't quite felt the same since. However with staying in because of covid, my foot has had a chance to rest. And now feels ok.

I also had acupuncture treatments covered by my health plan a few days after each treatment and that seemed to help a lot with my stomach issues and sleep.

I hope this helps.

Already had 4 doses of Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide, so hair gone mostly and I did get a buzzcut first from my daughter. and most of my hair is gone Worst side affect so far nasty pink spotty rash that is sometimes itchy. Hoping it goes away soon. I do have a dermatologist now in the cancer facilty where I go. Hoping Taxol is milder. That is what I keep hearing, because the doses are smaller and weekly to minimize the side affects.

My Taxol treatment was 18 years ago. The thing that was the worst is that I felt like the bottoms of my feet were itchy which was really the neuropathy. I know I was given medication that really helped with that, I just can't remember what it was. Something to numb the nerve endings. Other than that, I didn't have any bad reactions like I did with A/C. They didn't have, or didn't suggest, the freezer wraps back then. I bet that really helps!

I had taxol for ovarian cancer. I agree with what the ladies have told you above. For the nail health I highly recommend a nail oil called Organica Nail Guardian. I found it online and decided to try it. It really helped my nails and actually made them stronger than ever before. (I have nothing to do with this company so this is my honest answer.) I also tried to increase eating organic foods. I saw a nutritionist who recommended fruits, veggies, organic chicken, reduce beef but when eating it make sure it is grass fed. I think all that really helped. Good luck!!

Pixiemycat in reply to RobPal

Thanks for the nail tips. Already meat free eater, but I have a better appetite now that I am done with the A&C. I was stuck on whatever sounded good and that was a lot of simple carbs. My appetite for healthy eating seems to be back👍🏼

BTW, I am happy to report that my hair has grown back, so try not to worry about it. However, it came in curly (chemo curls?). Who knew there was such a thing. My hair was straight before. I read once the hair grows long enough for a good cut, it will be back to normal. I hope so...

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