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Hello and I’m pleased to have this group.

I have DCIS stage zero. Had lumpectomy and 20 Radiation Treatments. Last Treatment was Dec 3, 2019. Live in NYC and excited about my life ahead. Im 70, retired and divorced.

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Hi Cassandra

Glad to hear that your treatment for DCIS is completed and that you are doing well.

SHARE is a National organization that is NYC based supporting those with breast and ovarian cancer through a telephone helpline, peer support, support groups, general and DCIS specific education and round tables. There is a DCIS support group that meets the first Monday of every month from 6 to 7:30 PM in the theatre district. I suggest you take a look at SHARE’s comprehensive website.

3 years ago, shortly after I retired, I too was diagnosed with DCIS. I found the multiple resources at SHARE most valuable to me. I am now a DCIS thriver enjoying my life to the fullest and helping other women along their journey by volunteering at SHARE,

RH NYC /Boca Raton

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Hello, Yes, I am aware of SHARE offerings. I have been attending the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Support for Women of African Descent. It’s wonderful and meets twice a month in Harlem. I have also enjoyed the Breast Cancer Videos And Past Webinars.

It’s a wonderful resource.

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Hi Cassandra

So very happy you found is a gem!


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I absolutely agree! Happy Holidays!

Welcome, Cassandra! Last year I had DCIS stage 0, which was scattered throughout my breast. I lost my breast and was spared follow-up treatments. Still being closely monitored in the scar area and on the other side. I'm 73 years old, retired, and still married.

Good Morning

Thank you for your reply. You are a survivor! All good wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and Blessed 2020. There is always something to be grateful for!

I forget who was the person who used the word, "thriver!" I think it is a good term for those of us who have "graduated" from cancer treatment and have discovered our "new normal" of knowing cancer can strike again at any time.

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I used the word thriver. I have more than survived. I am living my life to the fullest. Using my diagnosis as a wake up call to make everyday count!


Thrive on Thriver!! Love it!!

Thrive on!!!

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