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New at this

I was just recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I've had the lumpectomy an will be starting radiation as soon as the mold/ cast is done in a week. I have other health issues on top of this. I have crohns an have a eliostomy,an right now I have a few hernias going on in the same area as the eliostomy. I also have severe copd an I'm on oxygen 24/7.I just turned 59 in January an can not believe I have this many health problems. Quit smoking 18 months ago when I started on the oxygen. I'm so worried about the damage radiation will do to my lungs since they are not good now.Keep praying for a miracle though.

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Good morning! I have stage two as well, but they started me with chemo first then surgery and radiation will follow.




willsgma, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now! Sending you lots of strength. Have you spoken with your doctor about the impact of radiation on your breathing/ lungs? What did they say?


Yes I do. I wasn't happy with his response about damage to my lungs from the radiation. He said well with copd your lungs get worse every year ....Really.I was shocked that he acted like it will be ok because your lungs are bad anyway so this can't hurt. YES it can make it worse. I'm so stressed.


Thank you for sharing. My son has Crohn's. It is painful and a full-time job taking care of that by itself. Please promise that you will be good to yourself. ( whether it's watching a movie as a break, painting your fingernails, etc.)

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I have a eliostomy because of my crohns . I'm trying to stay positive an do as much as I can . I have a hard time because of my breathing. Oxygen 24/7. Thanks for caring.


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