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Preparing for the Most Unexpected Body Change After Breast Cancer

After breast cancer surgery, many women are caught off guard by a lack of sensation in their breast(s) and other affected areas.

They have a lumpectomy, mastectomy or reconstruction and ask: “Am I ever going to get any feeling back… in my armpit? …over the scar? …on the inside of my arm?” They might comment on the lack of feeling, saying, “It doesn’t hurt. It just feels weird.” Or, put another way, “I can feel pressure but nothing normal.”

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I understand what you are saying! I'm a nurse and I didn't know this was going to happen (of course I took care of veterans most of my career). 8 years out and have several numb areas. When I had tatoos for radiation therapy I only felt one! That was nice. I find I must be more vigilant of skin care to avoid damage.


Now 24 years from lymph node surgery and 1st lumpectomy. Still no feeling in armpit or outside circle on upper arm. No more pains in phantom bresst. Used to have those lightning flashes and odd jolts.


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