What have you learned and shared from your experience?

What have you learned and shared from your experience?

Hi! My name is Tina. I had bilateral mastectomies in 2009. I learned a lot from my experience. A big challenge for me was managing my JP drains, especially in the shower. One thing I do now is to make and sell drain belt kits. I also gift them to others. During recovery, A friend would come over and give me Reiki. It was so calming! Last year I completed Reiki mastery and I volunteer at a cancer center here in Vegas giving reiki. What ways have others found to help those with breast cancer?

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  • Hi Tina! My aunt, with whom I'm very close, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (and ended up with a whole host of other health problems including a stroke and C. Diff). She found that her anxiety was through the roof. I live a bit a ways from her, but when I visited, one of the things she mentioned that helped her feel better was basically just gentle touch by someone who wasn't a doctor or someone trying to stick her with needles...

  • Awesome idea & that you share it with others!

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