Got awesome news today

No more chemo

Dr. felt that because of the difficulties of the 4 rounds of chemo that I’ve had, (including 2 hospital visits) that he thought more chemo would be too damaging. He also said that often only 4 cycles are scheduled. He is referring me to the doctor to schedule radiation, and the surgeon to remove the port. I will see Dr. every 3 months. There are no tests to see if cancer comes back. Mammograms of course. Just be aware of my body. I AM CONSIDERED TO BE IN REMISSION!!! Glory, glory, alleluia! Radiation will probably be 6 weeks, 5 days a week. To be determined by that doctor.

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  • God has blessed you. Your faith has made you whole.In comparison to your chemotherapy and mines in the past, I pray your radiation will be a celebration/ vacation.I hope you will have a "No more chemo party/Bald is beautiful party. I am celebrating with you. I am crashing the cymbals, blowing the horn and dancing around with unspeakable joy-joy-joy. God is a supernatural healer Amen! God bless you, your loved ones, and all of our sisters in the struggle to be made whole. Every day is a blessing. Happy Valentines Day .

  • Good morning! That's good to hear. God bless you and have a great blessed day!

  • Good news! May you continue to heal and feel better with each day.

  • Mabethea, that's amazing news!!! Keep us posted about your radiation, but enjoy and hope you continue to feel even better <3

  • I had my 12th radiation today. 18 more to go! For some reason radiation has been harder mentally for me than the chemo. I had a major pity party/melt down last night. Anticipating side effects of radiation any day now, although I have had some discomfort already on my lumpectomy scar. I'm better today, but still feel tearful. The questions I keep going back to are: was 4 cycles of chemo enough? I was supposed to have 6, but stopped because of side effects and 2 hospitalizations. After radiation, how do I know if they got it all? Do you ever get over the terror of it coming back? Looking forward to my granddaughter spending the night. She is the best balm of healing and love. I feel like an occasional pity party is better than not facing reality and my new normal.

    On another topic...fingernails...has anyone dealt with fingernails developing ridges, turning color, and son very very dry? I've been using Cavilon on my dry cuticles that helps a lot (they gave me some in the hospital for my poor nose after the third box of kleenex for the sinus infection I had.) It looks like at two nails might come off...I had TAC chemo.

  • I finished 28 rounds of radiation about 1 month ago. There were no surprising side effects other than itchiness and sun burn peeling. I only had one small water blister and it healed quickly. By about 2 weeks after I was done I was pretty well healed. That's the physical for the mental side, it's a different story. I understand exactly how you feel. Now that I'm done "fighting" through all the treatments (6 rounds chemo, total mastectomy, and rad) I feel a tremendous depression. My doctor said it's very normal, almost like PTSD, post traumatic stress. We just have to keep telling ourselves that we are totally healed and this will NOT come back.

    As for nails, my fingernails still have chemo ridges, although they are slowly growing out. Both my big toenails are slowly falling off though. I just keep trimming them down as they pull away from the nail bed.

    Chin up. You will make it through with flying colors.

  • Thank you! It does help to know it's not just me!

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