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negative tests with symptoms

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Hello everyone!

I return to this blog as one of my last resorts. 7 months ago I had unprotected oral sex. All STIs tests are negative. All the candida tests I did so far (at least 6) are negative. Pharyngeal exudates and nasal exudates came back negative. Blood tests are normal. After more than half a year I still have a coated tongue, dry and sticky lips, mild pharyngitis, clogged ears, dry nose and a very thick mucous in the back of my throat (symptoms which started 3 days after my sexual contact ***plus I had a lesion at the corner of my mouth which went away after one week) Recently I started to have some headaches that are more severe in the mornings, when there is more mucous acumulated in my throat as well.

So far I have been to at least 30 doctors (GP, ENT, dermatology, infectious diseases, oral and maxilofacial, stomathology). All the doctors are staring at me and keep senting me from one specialist to another.

Last stomathologist I went to told me it's a candida infection and it's possible that the tests won't pick it up. However, so far I took fluconazole and nystatine pills in 3 rounds (1 week) but with absolutely no effect.

Some time ago I followed the advice af a doctor and rubbed my tongue 2 times per day with a mix of Vit A and B, acyclovir, nystatine and glycerin but I ended up only hurting my tongue more.

The thing is my entire oral cavity is affected, including the throat.

I don't know what this migh be, neither the doctors.

all tests were done in Bucharest (apart from the STIs test which I did in London at 4 months and 2 weeks after the sexual contact).

I reached a dead end.

Any advice is much appreciated!

I posted a photo of my tongue.

Please spread this to as many people as possible.... probability somene experienced same things)

thank you in advance!

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thank you so much for your reply. I tried garlic for more than 1 month. Did not work. one of the doctors told me I was actually making things worse with garlic because I should avoid spicy food (including garlic) in order to reduce the irritation.

thank you again. I greatly appreciate your help

it's highly possible that I don't have candida at all.... all tests are negative.

You may need to see an oral medicine specialist. Your symptoms are indicative of a syndrome such as Sjogren's syndrome.

Please see

Find a hospital that has a specialist oral medicine service and ask your GP to refer you.

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I went to an oral pathologist doctor. He said everything is normal and recommended me not to look in the mirror (I wish I could... the problem is not the unsightly look of my tongue but my constant gluey sensation in the month and on the lips and the thick saliva in the back of my throat).

I was sent home with a medical prescription - 1 month Vit. A pills.... end of story

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Osidge in reply to Marian85

An oral pathologist and a specialist in oral medicine are not the same thing:

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Marian85 in reply to Osidge

thank you so much!

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