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I had a risky sexual encounter. Please help?

I'm a guy. I recently had sex with an escort (an expensive escort). I'm worried about what happened during the session.

In our session she gave me raw oral sex (no condom), and then we had protected sex.

Before intercourse, I had rubbed her genitals and I inserted my finger into her vagina.

After that, I put a condom on myself. There was a gap of about 5 minutes between when I put my finger in her, and when I put the condom on myself. I accidentally placed the condom on myself in the wrong direction, so I had to turn it over so that I could roll it down properly.

I'm worried that in all that fumbling, some STD viruses that I might have gotten on my finger would have spread to the inside of the condom which I wore.

Can a disease spread this way? Am I paranoid or is this something to worry about?

I have no reason to believe that this girl has any STDs apart from the fact that she's an escort. She did not have any marks or spots near her genitals and I didn't see any bumps near her lips either. She looked ok. This escort also came with her own condoms (I've been told that escorts who carry their own condoms are likely to be safe).

Should I get a PEP just to be safe? I've been told that PEPs should only be taken in extreme emergencies.

Are there any other precautions I can take now to ensure my safety? Any vaccinations?

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Hi PB, Whether or not you go the PEP way is your choice and not ours, but you will have to wait for the 8 week mark for a Sexual health/GUM clinic test as it takes that long for STD's to show, a clinic would be the best choice as STI' and STD's is there field of work.



Honestly, first of all when you meet an escort-- you have no idea what she may have in the first place. It sounds like you took proper precautions, but you may want to run a full STD panel in 3 months. You can buy one discreetly online from privatelabsmd.com