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Advise please 😭

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Hi I'm very scared on what this can possibly be this is the second time this is popping up again last time I went to the er they screened me for all type of STDs and also gave me meds but advised they will give me a call if I came positive for herpes yet I never got a call and everything healed

That was back in August and no this is reoccurring I'm very scared I am a mother and I planned to get another testing or should I call the hospital and see why I was never contacted back with results

Before this development I freshly shaved and had sex but it was dry and very painful

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Well fuck thanks

Could it be just a cut from shaving? Or really dry skin, from shaving?

I get it on my scrotum too, but I know it's between shaving it and being dry.

Go see your doctor just to be safe


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